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23rd June, 2022

TASDEEQ@Work - First of many workshops on Industry Challenges and Solutions offered by TASDEEQ was held in Karachi.

We got together with our friends from Microfinance and Fintech backgrounds and had an open and interactive workshop on challenges that hinder the business and how those challenges can be tackled. First of TASDEEQ@Work series of workshops was held in Karachi, with participants from various Microfinance and, FinTechs present and interacting with each other. Our team showcased the value TASDEEQ offers through its various products and services designed to benefit the financial institutions and discussed our future product roadmap. The highlight of the event was the session by Mr. Nadeem Hussain who talked about digitization challenges and the importance of data.

We will hold these workshops across Pakistan to really understand the pain points and to also educate the industry about the products and services we offer.