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Credit Education

Learn the ropes of credit and make informed financial decisions with information on how the credit system works in Pakistan and what you can do to stay on top.

Financial Inclusion and Awareness in Pakistan

TASDEEQ is committed to creating a financially inclusive and aware Pakistan. We believe that credit education is a critical component of this effort. Our short, animated videos cover a range of credit education topics and aim to provide consumers with the knowledge they need to make informed financial decisions. Credit education is essential for consumers to understand the impact of their financial decisions and to have a clear understanding of their financial health. Many people are unaware of the information that banks collect and look at when they make lending decisions, and this lack of knowledge can have serious consequences on their financial future.

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Who calculates credit scores and maintains credit reports?

Learn about the agencies responsible for calculating credit scores and maintaining credit reports, and how these scores impact your financial health.

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How is Credit Score Calculated?

Discover how your credit score is calculated and the factors that can affect it, such as payment history, credit utilization, and credit history length.


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What is a Credit Score and why it should matter to you?

Understand the importance of credit scores and how they can impact your ability to secure loans, credit cards, and other financial products.

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TASDEEQ generates credit reports and scores for individuals, helping them understand their financial health and make informed decisions. Understanding how credit bureaus work is crucial in managing your credit and financial well-being.

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Understanding TASDEEQ Credit Report and what it contains

Monitor what banks are looking at before approving your loan or any other credit.
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Understanding Credit Reports & Their Value

Learn why credit reports are a valuable tool for consumers, and how they can help you identify errors or fraudulent activity on your credit profile.

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Why TASDEEQ Matters

TASDEEQ collects and analyzes credit information from various financial institutions in Pakistan, making it a critical player in promoting financial inclusion and awareness in the country.


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What is Debt Burden Ratio

Explore the concept of debt burden ratio, and how it can impact your ability to obtain credit and manage your finances.

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What is a Loan Default - CIR report

Learn about loan defaults, the consequences of defaulting on a loan, and how to avoid defaulting on loans by managing your debt responsibly.