Pakistan’s First SBP Licensed Credit Bureau

Credit Information Report

A Credit Information Report (CIR) developed to make credit evaluations easier for Banks and other lending institutions.

TASDEEQ Credit Information Report

A Credit Information Report is a basic tool used by banks to check a potential borrower’s credit history and evaluate his/her credit worthiness. A Credit Information Report consists of a borrower’s personal data, credit data, dispute information and public record.


Easy To Read

Information is presented in a way that is easy to read and understand


First page of TASDEEQ CIR contains a summary of the most important information


TASDEEQ CIR is compliant with SBP regulations and contains all the required information

Bulk Extraction

Large batches (up to 1000 CNICs) can be extracted at a time using bulk extraction feature

API Integration

Reports can be fetched using API integration. Users can maintain raw data in their database for more analysis and other purposes

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