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Barometer Dashboard

A first of its kind online industry benchmarking tool with interactive data visualizations to enhance analytical capabilities of lending institutions.

TASDEEQ Barometer Dashboard

An industry benchmarking tool to help you compare your organization’s performance with the industry, coupled with the flexibility to select several indicators and geographical locations.



Interactive dashboard for timely data-driven decision making.
Enhanced analytical capabilities (by juxtaposing various MFPs KPIs with industry by locations)


  • Headlines indicators (Borrowers Count, GLP, PAR >30)
  • Analysis Area: Conduct various analysis by selecting different indicators
  • Map Area: Graphical representation of concentration/distribution of the indicators

Analysis - KPI

  • Borrower’s demographics (age, gender)
  • Products (loan sizes, product types)
  • Vintage Analysis (borrower’s stickiness, borrowing behaviour)
  • Portfolio Quality (PAR, indebtedness, leverage)

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