Pakistan’s First SBP Licensed Credit Bureau

May 2023

TASDEEQ and Telenor join forces to develop a Telco/Credit data based scoring models, revolutionizing the Industry and helping financial inclusion in the country

TASDEEQ and Telenor are partnering to develop a ground-breaking Hybrid Credit Scoring Model based on Telco data. This innovative approach will provide enhanced and more accurate credit scores, benefiting customers with pre-existing credit histories and enabling risk prediction for thin file, new-to-bank (NTB) customers, and individuals with no formal credit records.

Telco-based credit score is an entry point to enhance financial and credit inclusion. The hybrid score is particularly useful for unsecured lending (such credit cards, and personal loans) and loans with smaller ticket sizes (Rs. 200k or less). Many insights can be derived from using Telco data using machine learning algorithms and other techniques such as regression analyses. These insights include:

  • Unified risk scoring,
  • Income assessment,
  • Socio-economic profiling,
  • ID Verification,
  • Fraud detection,
  • Identifying micro patterns to assess individuals’ probability of default, etc.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership.